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We all want the latest in technology for many reasons. Some of us want it for the convenience it brings and others want it because it’s the new thing. Over the last years, technology has improved window shades drastically. You can now purchase motorized shades. They are called motorized because they are operated by an internal motor and you can control them through a small remote control. Motorized shades have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years because of their increasingly lower cost and great benefits. When they first appeared on the market almost ten years ago, the price for these motorized shades was too much for a regular family to afford. As of today, the price for motorized roller shades is actually very competitive and I predict that it will go even lower in the coming years. This is going to mean that you will begin to see shades move up or down without anybody near by. Some new homes being built today are very advanced technologically. They allow you to control the lights, water, electronics, and even shades with the touch of a button. The great thing about motorized shades is that you can choose material from different providers in different styles and match them with the motor of your choice. The biggest and most popular motor brand is Somfy. They have been players in the industry for years now and most other motors are compared to them. The downside to them is that they have a high cost which can be 2 or 3 times the amount of others.


If you decide on motorized shades, make sure the motor your provider will be using to make the shade is a quality motor with at least a 5 year warranty. Another thing to look for is if the motor is a plug-in or battery operated. Most people prefer the standard plug-in because they don’t require constant changing of batteries. On the other hand, the battery operated motors are good for applications where you don’t want a cable to be seen. Somfy and other manufacturers offer both motor types. I recommend sitting down with your provider to discuss the different options so you can make the best informed decision. Motorized shades are great for anybody who wishes to have the latest in technology no matter what the application is. You can even get blinds or other types of window coverings motorized to go with your shades. A great thing about having your window coverings motorized is that you can operate them without having to reach for them if they are tall and you don’t have to stop what you are doing. Some can even be programmed to open and close according to sunlight. These are some of the most advanced and really make a difference in the comfort of your home. As you can tell, motorized shades and window coverings can make life a little easier and can do so without being to expensive.