Getting Screen Fabrics For Your Home Or Condo

Sunscreen roller shades can be your best friend. This type of window shade material is made to block the sun’s harmful rays but at the same time let you keep your view to the outside. The most common application for these is in places where the sun can cause damage to furniture or just be an inconvenience for people. You can see these at local businesses, office buildings, and other establishments. Another added benefit of sunscreen roller shades is that they can actually reduce the amount of heat that goes into a room. This can save you money on air conditioning bills. Some people say that sunscreen roller shades can actually pay for themselves over time. The actual material of sunscreen shades is usually a weave pattern. There are lots of different suppliers for sunscreen fabric. The most popular is a company called Phifer. This company has been around for decades in the window shade business. The fabric they provide is usually high quality but it is very expensive compared to others. Some of the companies that manufacture window shades provide different options on the fabric. If the customer wants Phifer fabric, then they will have to pay extra for it. In reality, if you are looking for sun screen roller shades for your home the brand of the fabric shouldn’t matter as long as you make sure it is a high quality and fire-retardant one.


In addition to Phifer, many suppliers of sun screen fabrics will actually supply you with fabric that is also high quality and considered “A” grade. You can also find fabric that is called “second” rate. These rolls of fabric usually have more defects but that is an issue for the window manufacturer and not the customer. The most important factor when it comes to sun screen fabrics is the life expectancy. As with all products, fabrics have an expected life. Most high quality fabrics will be good for about 10 years if used inside. If you need sunscreen shades, you can also get them for outside applications like your patio. The life expectancy for these is less than interior shades but they offer the same great benefits. Phifer also distributes sunscreen fabric for outside window shades. This material is heavier and sturdier than regular sunscreen because it must endure the outside. The most common application for these is cities where the sun can be overwhelming. It is a good investment to protect your home’s interior and furniture with sun screen roller shades because they are inexpensive and will provide years of coverage and protection. The cost is something that should also be mentioned. They are very affordable and can fit into almost and budget. This is yet another reason as to why they are so popular with consumers over other window coverings. As you can see, sunscreen roller shades are great for many reasons. Try some out today!